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SMARTerminal or Terminal Management Systems is a unique and complete solution provided for terminal operator that in the end will enhance commuter's experience. This will improve operation efficiencies and terminal management. Major objective of this system are to:

  • Increase the accessibility in the Terminal.
  • Increase the speed of transportation.
  • Reduce the cost of public transportation and make it accessible to the public of all economic classes.
  • Reduce the traffic congestion.
  • Improve the traffic management especially the bus flow inside the terminal.
  • Improve the terminal facilities conditions.

SMARTerminal consist of the following sub-product:

  • Terminal Operation System (TOS)
    • With the ever-growing volumes and Bus Terminal searching for solutions to increase throughout capacity without expanding their physical footprint, a good terminal operation system (TOS) is playing an increasingly inmportant role in today's terminal operatio0ns supporting terminal planning, scheduling, equipment control and planning. This "virtual terminal" solution ensures that any modifications to the software or changes to the oepration can be implemented without risk. It has been successfully applied to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS) and KLIA2 Transportation Hub.
  • Centralize Ticketing Systems (CTS)
    • In order to enchance the use of public transport and at the same time making the ticketing system attractive and easy to understand for everyone. Pricing system should be coherent and simple with a reasobable number of tickets that takes users' needs into account. The basic for fares should be transparent and easy to understand. Tickets and payment facilities should be widely available integrated ticketing and tariff policies between different public transport operators (e.g. local public transport and the national railway) should be offered to make tickets valid for all public transport modes and for a whole region. Simply said CTS should cater for the following:
      • Manage Trip
      • Manage Integration
      • Counter Ticket Sales
      • Kiosk Ticket Sales
      • Online Ticket Sales
      • Manage Passenger Boarding (Waybill)
  • Passenger Information Display System (PIDS)
    • Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) is conceived to enhance travel experience by providing a wide array of information catering to all walks of transit passengers. The technology delivers real-rime information updates and offers a variety of valued information on-board trains as well as in stations such as:
      • Travel Information
      • Transport connection times
      • System maps
      • Interchange information
      • Departure/arrival times
      • Weather forecasts
      • Exit/entry guidance messages
      • Emergency/evacuation messages announcements
      • Advertisements
    • The wealth of information is limitless and PIDS is the channel to deliver such information to transit passengers in a mixture of text, graphic and video formats for passengers' safety, entertainment and planning. With use of PIDS, extra revenue for the transit operators may be derived through advertisements and facilitation for other operators.


  • Auto detect and control bus access coming in and going out of the terminal.
  • Display and update trip schedules information.
  • Commuter's convenience will be improve in the terminal.

Customer SMARTerminal Implementation

  1. South Integrated Terminal - Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)
  2. KLIA2